History of Brilliant AG

For 70 years, shaping the future with sensitivity and competence


Foundation / Brilliantglashütte OHG (glass manufacturer)

Brilliant AG was founded on the 1st of August 1951 as Brillantglashütte oHG / Lippold and Tschammer in Gnarrenburg. Kurt Lippold and Otto Tschammer both worked as glass manufacturer. The name Brillantglashütte comes from the family Lippold, they already had a glass-works with the same name in Saxony which produced mouth blown flat glass for windows before the Second World War. Gnarrenburg became an ideal location for a glass factory. In fact, similar companies already established themselves in this region because pre requirements such as production facilities, energy and raw materials were directly available. Turf served as the main energy source. And the raw material glass sand was in the stooped turf.


Between 1951 and 1953 mouth blown illumination glass has been produced in the glass-works in Gnarrenburg.

Locally not available manpower came from German eastern parts. In 1953, the glass-works could not be maintained anymore. But, there was a glass processing factory for glass grinding and for glass decoration with ceramic colours. So, the decision was made to produce bar pendant bowls out of glass. These light fittings were the first step towards the exclusive production of lighting fixtures. At the same time, due to a purchased Danish licence industrial glass had been produced. Bestseller was decorative glass bowels.


At the beginning of the 60s, production of curved kitchen lightings was started.

Those were made of a coloured decorative shade, an opal glass, on which the shade lay, and a pendant. Later, it was predictable that it would be hard to sell glass lighting, because the lighting industry already brought new material to the market, which had been adapted to current trends of furniture. The main parts were the so called "hanging lightings - that are ceiling fixtures with fibres and glasses". With these products new materials such as wood, metal and plastic were used in the lightings for the first time. As a result, the production facility had to be changed and expanded.


In 1970, the facility for industrial glass had to be sold in order to create more space.

The new company strategy was to stop production of lighting devices and to concentrate on the finishing of purchased parts as well as mounting of the lightings. Development of lighting business grew rapidly. In order to increase the capacity, home work became an additional production area, which included temporarily several hundred employees in Gnarrenburg's surrounding and in social workshops.


In 1976, the new production facility at the current location in Karlshöfenerberg had been opened.

At the end of the 70s, the name Brillantglashütte KG had been changed into Brillantleuchten AG


Change of name into Brillantleuchten AG

The 80s brought more changes in the product development. One concentrated more on spotlights and used less glass in pendants. But the group of metal pendants grew constantly. Through technical track systems for example the VARIO system that is still in today’s assortment, Brillantleuchten could focus on the market. As expansion continued, the need for capital grew.


Entry of the stock market in Bremen and Frankfurt

In 1985, the company went public at the stock markets in Frankfurt and Bremen.


Change of name into Brilliant AG

In 1991, the company name was changed for the last time. The German word "leuchten" (lights) has been deleted and a second "i" has been added to the final version Brilliant AG.


Expansion of the factory into Brilliant industry park

Between 1994 and 1997 the location had been expanded in a great manner. New warehouses and one high rack warehouse were part of the "Brilliant industry park". During the second half of the 90s, Brilliant recorded the highest number of employees. Furthermore, the company had more than 1000 workers including home workers on its payroll during the lighting season. Products from Gnarrenburg had been sold in whole Europe. The listing on the stock market had consequences: biggest shareholder became an English company.


Increase of export proportion 

Increase of export proportion up to 50%


The American SLI Inc. becomes major shareholder

In 2000, the American Sli Inc. became the new main shareholder. Through the sales of halogen-, normal- and energy saving bulbs as well as fluorescent lamps a new product group had been added.


Italy becomes one of the main sales markets within the Brilliant group.

In the new century, Brilliant AG had to face difficult times. The former competitive advantage "Made in Germany" is becoming more and more a disadvantage. Competition in the European market is high and the price pressure is enormous. Competitors already started production abroad and they could offer equal products even cheaper. As a consequence, Brilliant AG also relocated its production in order to gain competitiveness.

Only the sales department, administration, construction/design and logistics remain in Gnarrenburg.


Starting business with bulbs


The British National Lighting Company Ltd. becomes new major shareholder.

Since 2004, the British "The National Lighting Company" has been the new main shareholder of Brilliant AG. The new business group, in which Brilliant AG is the largest subsidiary, represents a complete assortment of living space lighting and it is number two in Europe.


Establishment of an innovation centre

Innovative strength and speed of implementation are driving success factors in an increasingly fierce competition. Light-emitting diodes - known as LEDs - are increasingly establishing themselves in the market and are likely to become the dominant light source in the future. In addition to design features, technological aspects are important criteria in luminaire development. In 2014 Brilliant decides to establish an innovation centre in China. The product portfolio will be expanded with technically high-quality and functionally timeless developments that differ from previous luminaires and form a range with a unique selling proposition.

In the same year, Brilliant AG completed the segment change from the regulated market to the Entry Standard. Since 15 August 2014, the Brilliant share has been listed exclusively in the over-the-counter segment of the Hamburg Stock Exchange's Mittelstandsbörse Deutschland segment.


Brilliant AG becomes exclusive distribution partner for licensed lighting products of the brand AEG

At the beginning of 2015, the Brilliant Group became the official and exclusive sales partner for licensed AEG lighting products in most countries. The expansion of the product range and the flexible expansion of the sales structure offer new opportunities to tap previously untapped potential in the trade.

The result:
Shaping the future with intuition and competence for 70 years.