Brilliant Lighting

Light is life

The last 70 years this has been the reason for our passion to bring light into peoples lives all over the world with “brilliant“ lamps. International trend scouting and market oriented creations of modern and innovative luminaire designs are particularly important to us.

As one of the leading market suppliers in Europe, we offer you a complete and unique range of indoor and outdoor luminaires for homes and gardens. Brilliant AG and partners have a total portfolio of approximately. 8,000 different luminaires.

Sustainable handling of the resources of our environment is becoming more and more important. Therefore we not only have LED but a forward-looking range of LED light sources as well with which we will continue to set innovative impulses.

Products of Brilliant AG are found in luminaire departments of our trading partners such as building and DIY stores, the specialist trade and furniture shops.

Together with our customers, we set new impulses in the dynamic market of the respective countries with our OEM and point-of-sale concepts tailored to their needs. Customers and service are elementary cornerstones of our joint success to us.


All procedures in our logistics centre, from receiving goods to shipment, are perfectly synchronised.

Since 1976 the Brilliant AG logistics centre has been steadily growing. It is now covering approximately 20,000 m² with around 25,000 storage spaces. We insist that all orders from our clients are processed quickly and reliably. As soon as container unloading commences, article-specific packing plans help to optimally exploit storage space.

To ensure seamless in-house product traffic our staff is equipped with various rider controlled trucks in different sizes. Each one is adequate to its area of application. All warehouse flow is scanned with the help of flexible ERP software precisely adapted to logistics processes. We utilize durable and premium packing materials at our ergonomically designed packing stations to protect our lamps in the best possible means.

Quality management

Brilliant AG demands the highest degree of quality and safety.  Our major focus is absolutely safe products, simple application, excellent materials and technically perfect designs.

To fulfil these engineering and quality control demands, we leave nothing to chance! Both in-house and external test labs are involved in all Brilliant AG product development processes. Technical, product development and quality assurance professionals accompany not only a product’s developmental progress, but every single manufacturing step until the final inspection.  In addition, processes are regularly audited by external labs. In this manner, for decades we have been working together with the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechnik, VDE).

Our technical equipment, our laboratories and, of course, our engineers regularly undergo standard VDE performance tests.  Based on our years of cooperation in the VDE Test Data Acceptance Program (TDAP), the Association fully acknowledges our test results under the auspices of Witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing (WMT). In short, articles developed by Brilliant comply with all VDE requirements. Of this you can be sure!